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Retro Party Basic Set the Stage Kit

Our Basic Set the Stage Retro Party Kit will have you feeling groovy and your guest far out.

The Basic Set the Stage Retro Party Kit includes:

  • 1 Set of Retro Romance Standing Daisies
  • 1 Groovy Retro Car Standee
  • 1 Retro Times Arch
  • 1 Set of Retro Romance Flat Daisies
  • 1 Giant Lighted Peace Sign

Retro Romance Standing Daisies: This set of printed cardboard daisies includes three stands that each hold one yellow and one white flower. The one sided daisies stand 5' high x 4' wide. Assembly required.

Groovy Retro Car Standee: This the Retro Car Standee can be personalized with your own custom message. The Retro Car Standee measures 3' 9" high x 6' 6" wide and requires some easy assembly.

Retro Times Arch: This fun retro arch is 10 1/2' high x 7 1/2' wide. The cardboard arch includes tie dye pattern columns and printed flowers. Easy assembly.

Retro Romance Flat Daisies: Each printed cardboard flower measures 23" in diameter and is one-sided. Giant Lighted Peace Sign The peace sign measures 53" tall and 8" deep and is self standing. The light fixture is included but the light bulb is not (40 watt bulb recommended). Easy assembly.

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