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2 ft. 6 in. Stand Fan Photo Cutout Yard Sign

Fill your lawn with custom Stand Fan Photo Cutout Yard Signs! Each photo yard sign is made of weather-proof corex and is printed on one side with the photo of your choice. Includes a metal stake to secure into the ground.
  • Made of corex
  • Measures 2' 6" high x 1' 6" wide
  • Printed on one side
  • Includes metal H stake

How-to Upload the Perfect Photo:
What are you wearing in the photo?
  • Make sure your clothing isn’t the same color as the background or else you’ll appear as a floating head!
  • If you wear a hat in your photo, make sure it doesn’t cast a shadow that will conceal your face. We suggest taking a photo in front of a good light!
  • Don’t hide your pride! Wear team colors or jerseys to show team support.
  • If you are a glasses wearer, try angling your face to prevent glaring and avoid using flash.

What is in the background of your photo?
  • Good lighting is a must! Try not to stand in front of a window or door when taking your photo.
  • Choose a solid-colored wall for your photo’s background. Make sure you do not have any personal or private information on your walls or the objects in your photo. If you don’t have a solid-colored wall, try a sheet or blanket as a photo background.
Who is taking the photo?
  • Have someone else take your photo or use the self-timer capability available on most smartphones. Selfies will not be able to be cropped.
  • If you use a smartphone to upload your photos, make sure the file is as large as possible.
  • Whoever’s snapping the photo should take a vertical picture of your upper body at eye level while including background space around your head and shoulders.
  • Stand 3-4 feet away from whoever’s taking the photo.
  • Anything beyond your shoulders will be cropped.

Cropping your photo:
  • Crop the image so that your arms are inside the right and left edges of the frame.
  • Make sure the base of your neck is at the center of the frame.

Uploading a pre-existing photo or scanned photo:
  • Preferred file size is 2448px by 3264px at a 72 DPI.
  • Smaller files may appear blurry. To check the file size, right click on the photo in your finder window for more information.
  • If your photo is with multiple people, make sure you crop them out. The center of the frame should be at the base of your neck.
If you would like to further customize your Stand Fan Photo Cutout Yard Sign (e.g., request a custom size, ect.), please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-314-8736 or fill out our online form https://www.shindigz.com/large-custom-order-request.

3 Business Day(s) Production Time plus Shipping

  • Due to distribution and licensing specifications, this product cannot be shipped outside USA.