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Tangled in Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Are you ready to get Tangled in Fun? This Rapunzel birthday is one of my favorite parties I’ve ever done. It was for my daughter’s 7th birthday and let me tell you she is Rapunzel obsessed. We’ve seen the movie only a few hundred times and the new Tangled series is so fun to watch what happens after the movie ended. Of course, she was dressed in her Rapunzel costume and looked so adorable. I teamed up with Shindigz to bring you some amazing details so let’s take a look at what I did!

The party took place in our backyard and the guests had to come through the side gate. Since it was the first thing the guests would see I wanted the gate to be part of the party décor as well. I wrapped it in some flagstone paper to make it look like the side of Rapunzel’s tower and hung a cute Tangled in Fun sign on it. I also used this paper to cover a concrete divider wall in our backyard to make it feel more festive. Once around back they were greeted by a massive balloon wall. This is by far the largest balloon installation I have ever done. It was 16 feet long by about 8 feet tall. I used a mix of balloons in colors of pink, purple & yellow with some pink and purple chrome balloons mixed in as well. To get that subtle pastel color I love so much I double stuffed the balloons inside a white balloon and blew them up together. I incorporated some boxwood panels with vines growing up them as part of the backdrop and wrapped a large wooden O in yellow yarn to finish it off.

My husband recently built me some small picnic tables which I painted pink and was perfect for kids seating. Above the tables I hung a mix of yellow paper lanterns in different sizes since lanterns play such a big part of the movie. The kids tables were set with wildflower plates, purple napkins and classic pink cutlery. I used birch vases with silk flowers as centerpieces and yarn wrapped plastic bottles for their drinks. Lifesize Maximus & Rapunzel standees flanked the balloon wall and made a great addition for the backdrop. The dessert table was so beautiful in front of the balloon wall. A tower cake, cake pops, themed cookies and cupcakes with custom toppers were out on display. I used a digital design I had made for the toppers and uploaded them to the Shindigz site. They came out so cute! I like to use the toppers in flower arrangements as well.

If you’re familiar with the movie then you know they go to the Snuggly Duckling for drinks. I purchased a design of the logo for the duckling and had it printed out on a custom poster and cut the logo out then glued it to some poster board. It came together so cute. I used this behind the drink table next to the white rose tree where I served up some pink lemonade using pink & yellow cups mixed with some highball lavender cups. The mimosa colored beverage napkins were the perfect shade of yellow as well.

When you walked into the grassy part of the garden I made a birch wood frame for the girls to walk thru to enter Rapunze’ls Marketplace. I wrapped the birch logs in a twig garland and added a mix of wildflowers, ivory roses & greenery to make it feel more magical. Next to that was a custom yard sign welcoming them To Olivia’s Best Day Ever.

In the marketplace area of the party was a hair braiding station with another big balloon grouping floating above it. One of the easiest things I did was take about 5 mimosa yellow plastic tablecloths and ziptied them together to make one long strand representing Rapunzel’s hair. I hung that from the yellow balloon grouping and draped it all across the backyard. The hair braiding station had brushes, de-tangler and flower hair pins. I used a tabletop standee here of my daughter from her birthday photos where she was swinging the frying pan that Rapuzel loves. We also had a paint your dreams station with custom paint pots using what are normally favor candy jars. The kids also danced in the grassy area to the Kingdom Dance song, colored in personalized coloring books and got their favors to go home with. It was a truly magical day and by far Olivia’s Best Day Ever!