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Perfect Food for a Murder Mystery Party

Perfect Food for a Murder Mystery Party

Deputize guests and serve cop-shop classics such as coffee and donuts. Present the "detectives" with clues and have co-hosts play witnesses and suspects. Throw out occasional red herring – or make devilled herring a part of the appetizer table.

That’s just one of the ways to make a murder mystery party an evening of interactive fun, food and intrigue. Coordinate your menu with a locale, a movie theme or general mayhem. The possibilities are immense.

Create a Theme within A Theme

Some murder mystery parties immediately inspire fabulous decorations and menus. Murder on the Orient Express? It’s easy to create great ambiance and plan a tasty menu. Go with Asian cuisine or serve the foods included in the novel – it’s really more of a brunch menu, but who says a murder mystery party has to be at night?


Go for Ghoulish

With a little imagination, most any food can easily find a place in a creepy mansion. Lady fingers? How about witch’s fingers? Use black, blue and green food coloring to turn chicken wings into bat wings. Custom wine bottle labels for vintages such as Type O Negative are a must at the bar.

Re-Enact a Movie

Even serial killers get hungry. Pick your favorite movie and turn it into a murder mystery party theme. While fava beans and Chianti probably won’t satisfy most guests, movies such as "LA Confidential," which begins at an all-night diner, offer more filling possibilities. An omelet or pancake bar would be perfect. Create your own diner to complete the scene.

A Room-By-Room Smorgasbord

Playing a real-life game of Clue? It’s a party theme that works just as well in a ballroom as it does in your home. Instead of having guests kibitz around the board, set up the rooms depicted in the game. There are a lot of versions, so you have choices. Have a party co-host portraying a game character offer appetizers or even a course of the meal in each room. The choice for Colonel Mustard is obvious – any dish with Dijon will do. For Miss Scarlet, make it hot and spicy. Jalapeño popper dip will work nicely.


Have a great murder mystery party plot but stumped for menu ideas? Serve your favorite dishes and rebrand them in honor of a classic whodunit. Pull it all together with a custom menu card. "Silence of the Leg of Lamb" is a great entrée. Or serve "Evil Under The Sundried Tomatoes Hummus" as an appetizer with "Zodiac Ziti" for the main course.