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Llama Birthday Party: Ideas for a Colorful Llama Party!

Llama Birthday Party: Ideas for a Colorful Llama Party!

We had a "llama" fun designing and hosting this little girl’s llama birthday party! It was FULL of colorful details, fun personalization and lots of smiles. We hope you find inspiration in our ideas shared below for your upcoming llama celebration.

Add Color with DIY

Backdrops are definitely one of my favorite DIY components of a child’s birthday party. For this llama birthday party, I was inspired by the colorful elements of the llama party supply collection we used, and in particular, the paper plates. So, I decided to incorporate pops of color into a simple backdrop using boards, tissue balls and a staple gun.


To achieve the look at home, start with a stained piece of plywood, or a heavier reclaimed wood piece (if you are handy) like the one shown. You can find large pieces of thin plywood at your local hardware store that can be stained. Starting in the center of the board, attach your tissue balls using a staple gun in your selected pattern. This backdrop concept requires less than 15 minutes and $30 to complete.

Incorporate the Llama Motif throughout the Party’s Décor

There are so many design directions you could head in when planning a llama birthday party. In addition to the llama image itself, you can utilize traditional fiesta decorations, floral fiesta decorations, cactus motifs and lots of bright colors. We used a little bit of all of these components when pulling together our final llama party plan.

Llamas were found in the paper plate and cup designs, the pinata, the cake topper and the standee. The theme was evident without repeating the same imagery with every piece of party décor. We pulled some personalized party decorations from a gorgeous lace fiesta theme, incorporating those feminine details into the seated table runners and cupcake wrappers. Then, we added some fun cactus elements using a personalized vinyl banner across our backdrop and with 3D cactus standees at the base of our dessert table. The result of mixing textures, patterns and motifs was a playful and colorful llama birthday party.

Display Larger-than-Life Llama Standees

When hosting a party in a large party space, consider incorporating themed standees into the décor. For our llama birthday party, we used colorful 3D cactus standees and an adorable llama. I personally love standees for birthday party décor as they fold flat for easy transport, add big pops of color for any theme, and can be personalized. And as an added bonus, standees are great photo opportunities for kids!

Add Personalized Elements with a Llama Twist

Personalized party décor can truly elevate any event. I love adding in puns, fun food labels, personalized party favor labels and other elements wherever possible for a child’s birthday party. For this llama birthday theme, we added the fun "pun" onto the vinyl banner added to our DIY backdrop, "Let’s Have a Llama Fun". It definitely made a few parents chuckle when arriving with their children.

We also personalized the cupcake wrappers, gumball tubes and seated table runners. Choose a few key pieces of décor to personalize, adding names or nicknames, funny sayings or personalized messages. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the items that you can personalize, or the messages that you can include. So, have fun with it and get creative.

We hope our colorful llama birthday party ideas inspire your next celebration. Party decorations can truly personalize and elevate any type of celebration. Have fun with your choices, get creative with how you design and personalize your event, and most importantly, have fun celebrating!