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Fun Pep Rally Games for Middle and High School Students

A great pep rally is loud, fun and full of energy. To help pump up the energy, you need to plan pep rally games that everyone will love. Pep rally games from high school may differ slightly from those played at a middle school pep rally. Also, before planning anything, remember that all pep rally game ideas should be approved by your school officials.

Hula-Hoop Relay

This is a multi-team game. Start by creating a team for each grade level, with 10 to 20 people each. Assign two cheerleaders per grade, one to cheer the team and the other to cheer with the kids in the stands. Have each team form a line and connect by holding hands. Place a hula-hoop at one end of the line. Each team has to work the hula-hoop to the other end without letting go of anyone’s hand. The team first to move their hula-hoop to the end, wins. Give out party beads in your school’s colors as a prize to the winner or all participants.

Teacher TP race

It’s fun to involve teachers in pep rally games. This game requires one teacher per each grade level plus the class president (or another representative) for each grade. The student representative is given a roll of toilet paper and when the whistle blows, he or she has to wrap the TP around the teacher as fast as possible. The first one done wins the game for their class.

Makeup Mania

Games for pep rallies during Homecoming week should include some wacky fun that keeps school spirits high with lots of laughter. Pair three senior boys’ football players with three senior girls’ volleyball players. Have one set of athletes sit, while the other set is blindfolded. The blindfolded athletes must then apply makeup to their seated partner to help them "get ready for Homecoming." Have the students in the stands cheer for the best makeup job. Give out face paint sticks in your school’s colors as a prize so students can also paint their faces for the homecoming game.

Football Relay

Another fun relay race for any pep rally, this foot ball challenge needs 10 to 15 players per team and one ball for each team. Plan to have one team per grade level to give the students a chance to cheer for their classmates. The players lay down on the gym floor head to toe in a line. The challenge is to pass a rubber ball (you can also use an inflatable football) from one end of the line to the other (and then back again) using only your feet.

Pie Eating Contest

A classic but always fun pep rally challenge, a whip cream pie eating contest between teachers is sure to "whip" the crowd into a cheering frenzy. This can be a messy contest so be sure to protect any flooring with plastic. A week before the pep rally create cans with teachers’ pictures on each and have the students put change in the cans to select the contestants. After a week, the four teachers with the most money in their can become the contestants. Donate the money to charity.

Pep Rally Tip

When planning pep rally games, always try to involve as many students as possible. Assign two cheerleaders to each section of the stands to throw out fan pom poms and get that group cheering loud and proud.