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Black Panther Birthday Party Ideas

Black Panther Birthday Party Ideas

Calling all Marvel Comic fans!! The new Black Panther movie is releasing today and SO many superhero fans are thrilled to see this action packed flick. Delight your superhero at their upcoming birthday party with a bold, Black Panther theme.


Black Panther Party Supplies

For this party’s décor, I combined art deco elements pulled from the movie’s poster imagery, character standees and Black Panther icons. The DIY backdrop was created using bright blue corrugated paper that I created a dramatic pattern on top of using black metallic streamers and a staple gun. I layered a black pleated tableskirt with a gold sequin table runner for dimension and to incorporate some of the art déco imagery.

The Black Panther himself was center stage as a standee, centered against the backdrop with his claw positioned as if it were grabbing the birthday cake. Supporting characters Shuri and Nakia were displayed to either side of the table’s ends in standee form for dramatic effect.

We added personalization to the party’s decorative elements through several paper products. Root beer bottles were wrapped with sticker labels reading "Justice Juice", chocolate bars were wrapped with art deco designs reading "T’Challa Treats" and party favor bags were filled with gumballs and text reading, "You’re a Hero! Thanks for Coming".

Black Panther Desserts

When incorporating characters into a party’s design, I often select simple dessert designs to provide a more cohesive overall look. For the cake, we selected an 8" white buttercream cake and added black paper feathers to the top and around the base. Store bought cupcakes were dressed up with DIY arrow toppers. And, to incorporate the panther element from the movie, we added paw print sugar cookies. Cake and cupcakes were served on Black Panther paper plates.

Black Panther Party Activities

When selecting activities to entertain guests at a birthday party, I always choose 3-5 things that fit within the given theme, that are also age-appropriate. Here are some Black Panther party activities to consider incorporating, inspired by the movie itself:

  • Tribal Tattoo Station- I love these tribal looking tattoos; place one on each arm for a dramatic effect.
  • Frisbee Toss- Purchase a variety of Frisbees with hollow centers and set up an area for free play.
  • Bow and Arrow Target Practice- Choose either a dart board or create a DIY target for party guests to reenact scenes from the movie.
  • Superhero Dress Up Station- Encourage party guests to come dressed as their favorite superhero. And, set up a station with dress up clothes, masks and tattoos.
  • Face Painting- This is always a great way to provide entertainment for party guests.

We hope our ideas inspire you to create your own Black Panther party!