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Baby Shark Party Ideas: Celebrate With Your Baby Shark!

Baby Shark Party Ideas: Celebrate With Your Baby Shark!

Where are all my shark-loving households? In our house, our kids LOVE sharks and the latest Baby Shark craze. So, it was clear what our youngest’s 2nd birthday party theme was going to be … sharks! We are sharing all of our shark party ideas below, so keep scrolling!

Personalize Your Shark-Themed Party

Once you have selected a party theme, it’s time to begin choosing décor. When planning your child’s birthday party, look for ways to incorporate personalized elements into the décor. We chose to personalize the welcome yard sign, cupcake wrappers, snack and party favor bags and the water bottle labels. However, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to items that you can personalize.

When personalizing items, consider incorporating fun theme-relevant names or phrases in addition to the birthday boy or girl’s name. For example, our water bottles were labeled as "ocean water" versus "Happy Birthday Ella". I think using both the name of the birthday boy/girl plus fun words or phrases also makes the party more unique!

When working with a specific theme, I recommend mixing up the motif throughout the party’s design, versus repeating it on all of the party supplies used. By choosing a variety of colors, textures and designs, your party will have more visual interest than if everything is the same.

DIY Shark Party Decorations

I love a simple party backdrop! To create an "ocean" effect for Ella’s shark birthday party, we used a piece of plywood from our local home improvement store, streamers and a staple gun. The entire project took less than 5 minutes to complete, and for me, this is a big win-win!

Another quick DIY project is to use linking balloons as a table runner. Simply inflate the balloons and tie them together! It’s as simple as that. Pro Tip: use a balloon inflating machine to reduce the total time for this DIY!

Ella’s embellished DIY store-bought cake was also a hit with guests! An affordable, store bought pink buttercream icing cake served as the foundation for our birthday girl’s cake. We added a personalized cake topper, and fun shell toppers to make this cake a true show stopper.

Shark Party Desserts & Snacks

Guests were served either birthday cake or cupcakes after singing "Happy Birthday" to Ella. I recommend offering 2-3 sweet variations to party guests, and including both chocolate and vanilla options if possible. Desserts were served on adorable shark dessert plates, along with paper napkins and plastic forks.

For afternoon birthday parties, I recommend offering one or two simple snack options. One of my favorite party tricks is to offer younger party guests individually packaged snacks like these personalized bags of crackers. It makes for easier serving, and reduces little hands in the snack bowls!

Shark Party Favors

For Ella’s shark birthday party, we decided to pass out these age-appropriate shark squeezy toys for the bathtub. When choosing party favors, consider the age of the children in attendance, as some toys are not suitable for smaller children. These personalized party favor bags with tags reading, "I hope you had a fin-tastic" time were the perfect way to deliver our little party favors to guests. I love that you can personalize these tags with any phrase you can imagine!

Some other fun shark party favor ideas would include:

  • Personalized bags of goldfish crackers
  • "Shark Bait" personalized bags of gummy fish
  • Plastic shark toys
  • Shark tooth necklace
  • Shark pincher toys
  • Shark sunglasses

In addition to all of the décor ideas we shared above, I have to share this amazing shark stand-in that the party guests absolutely loved! Cardboard standees are an affordable way to add big impact into your event!

We hope our shark birthday party ideas have inspired part of your upcoming celebration!