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5 Ways to Show Support This Election Season

Looking for ways to support your candidate? Check out these ideas that include campaign party supplies, political yard signs & election banners to show support!

Everyone is getting ready for the big day in November. Only coming around every four years, this election decides who is going to lead our country and voting is one way to exercise our rights and responsibilities as citizens. Many issues, topics and views are discussed and debated prior to election day, but I think we can all agree on one thing, political decorations make everything better! Whether you already know who you are going to vote for or you are still considering your options, check out these easy ways to support your candidate or encourage others to vote!

1. Send a Message With Yard Signs

Choose from the many political yard sign designs and sayings already created by Shindgiz or personalize your own election yard sign with whatever you believe in or whichever candidate you support. Add some patriotic flare to the yard with some stars, stripes and American flag yard signs as well. These are sure to get the attention of neighbors and those who pass by.

2. Banners Show Support

If you are looking for something to hang on the garage or across your porch, try our heavy duty and durable political banners . Choose from tons of templates including an American flag personalized banner, a patriotic eagle banner or stay classic with a stars banner. You can personalize any message you want on these banners. Support your candidate, proclaim your take on an issue or just show support and patriotism for your country. The typical election banner is great for displaying your favorite candidate's name proclaiming your support.

3. Decorate Your Door & Porch

Make sure that everyone who enters your home knows who you support and to get out and vote. Not only does the Just Go Vote Door Kit also send a great reminder to people to vote on election day, it is super simple and comes with everything you need to decorate your doorway. If you are looking for a little more, try out a red, white and blue custom balloon garland to frame your doorway or try a patriotic reflections decorating kit to get the attention of those who walk or drive by. Patriotic bunting and vinyl garland can line your bannisters for a patriotic touch. Add some 3D props including a USA tower or USA letter set to accompany your election and political decorations.

4. Host the Guest of Honor With a Standee

Create your own political rally or host your own debate by bringing the candidate into your home! We’ve got all the candidates including Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Vice President Mike Pence and the current POTUS, Donald Trump. These lifesize political figure standees also make great greeters at your front door or business entrance. Get your own photo with these leaders and share it on your social media and with friends and family. The possibilities are endless with these lifesize standees!

5. The Election Night Extras

After all the hard work and campaigning is done, treat yourself with an election night party! Shindigz has everything you need to relax, sit back and watch the poll results come in. Make sure you are stocked up on plenty of basic tableware with these party packs that include cups, cutlery, napkins and even plates with your favorite candidate on them. Make sure you have enough election party wearables for everyone to represent the red, white and blue. Candidate fan faces are always a fun addition to promote your election pick. Choose the democratic or republican nominees.

Bonus Idea: Encourage People to Vote!

Your vote matters! It is important to make sure that everyone exercises their right on election day. There are plenty of ways to remind people and help them to get out and vote! Encourage friends and family members to register and vote by posting reminders on your social media accounts to keep the idea top of mind. Putting this Go Vote yard sign in your yard also sends a big message. These Just Go Vote mini yard signs will also do the trick as well as these Just Go Vote buttons. Explain why voting is important with Your Vote is Your Voice and Your Vote, Your Choice yard sign designs. Happy Voting!