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5 Ways To Celebrate Senior Athletes That Lost Their Season

The last game for a high school senior athlete is a big deal. It can mean an end of an era or the beginning of bigger opportunities. Many senior varsity athlete’s seasons were cut short this year and some seasons are still uncertain. We have put together a few senior tribute ideas that celebrate the senior athletes who might not have gotten a senior night or even the chance to cherish their last game or match. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate 2020/2021 senior athletes who lost their last season.

1. Cutouts & Banners on The Field & Court

Represent the seniors who missed their last season by getting a True to Size Photo Standee or Rectangle Photo Standee of them and place them in their element. Adorn the indoor gym with basketball or volleyball senior athletes or place senior football and baseball players on the field. Students, staff, and parents can recognize them throughout the school year. You can even set up a Team Photo Standee with a group photo of the entire team or seniors.

2. Decorate the Fences

Fence cups are a perfect way to send a message and decorate with the school mascot for the senior students. Thank the senior athletes for their hard work and let everyone who passes by recognize all the hard work that these student athletes have put in. Fence signs from Shindigz allow you to get photos of the senior student athletes on the fences as well. Display the senior team roster or just have their names and numbers proudly displayed. This option also includes the community and parents in the celebration.

3. Posters in the Halls

Personalized posters in the halls not only will recognize and thank the seniors for their commitment and dedication to their sport, but are a great homecoming decoration as well! Stick a team photo in the poster design or find a great action shot to highlight. Students can walk by and reminisce on the great times and monumental moments of the past as they go from class to class. These posters also make a great keepsake for the senior students after they are done being posted in the hallway.

4. Yard Signs at Athletes Houses

Decorate the yard of the senior athletes with spirit yard signs. Send your own message with a custom yard sign or choose from any of the designs that are available to showcase their sport. Not only will friends and family of the athlete see the appreciation, but the entire neighborhood will as well! So surprise your student athlete with a great display.

5. Photo Numbers & Letters

Photo numbers and letters are the perfect way to showcase all the good times and memories senior athletes had throughout their season or past seasons. Make a collage of all the important games, team outings or memorable practices while spelling out the team name, a motivational message or just a simple "thank you".

Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget the coaches, teachers and staff that were mentors and helped the team and student athletes throughout the year. These people guided students through a very unsure time and have given them support, life lessons and strength throughout their high school sporting career. Any of these 5 decorating ideas would work to thank coaches as well. Otherwise, check out our senior night favors that can be personalized with a thank you message or with your favorite photo of the season.